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About Me.

Specialty Areas: Pastoral Coaching, Pastoral Counseling, Leadership Duties, Encouragement and Perspective

Spouse: Katherine

Location: Based in Vancouver, WA 


Biography: I grew up in the Los Angeles area where I attended church and received Christ as a child. In 1975, I began attending the well-known Saturday Night Concerts at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, where I rededicated my life to the Lord. In 1982, Terry married Katherine, and we began attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, where I began playing drums in a band called "The Mirrors," which ministered on many mission trips.


In 1985, I answered God's call to full-time pastoral ministry, and in 1993 my wife and I, along with our three daughters, moved to Portland, Oregon, to pastor Calvary Chapel Portland. I served in that capacity for over 23 years. I just completed my most recent assignment serving as the senior pastor of Verbatim Church in Albany, just south of Portland. 


I have been serving with Poimen Ministries for the last 10 years helping to strengthen pastors and leaders in their calling.

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